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Feeling Under the Weather?

You're not alone.

Well, it's here. Cold & Flu season.

We can't skip it, we don't exactly get that luxury, no matter what we do.

So, buckle up, get your hand sanitizer and read these tips for staying as healthy as you can with a cold or the flu.


Staying hydrated is so important , and not just when you're sick. Staying hydrated will help to strengthen the immune system, increase your body's natural activity and prevent illness in the future.

Warm liquids are great for loosening congestion, soothing your throat and encouraging hydration.

2. Rest

Stay at home & get some rest. You need time to recover, mentally and physically. You deserve it & your coworkers will thank you.

4. Eat

Clear broths, leafy greens, LESS PROCESSED. ^ this is a great list of things to eat & to avoid while you're sick.

5. Add Moisture to the Air

A little bit of cool mist can aid with your chest congestion.

Giving yourself a rest & a break is necessary!


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