Exercise Physiology

What do Exercise Physiologists Do?

​A Certified Exercise Physiologist, (Exercise Therapist) is able to perform fitness appraisals, provide individualized conditioning programs, and offer education in regards to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

The goal of exercise physiology is to improve health, function, and work or sport performance.  Exercise physiologists' clientele include those who are managing chronic illness, rehabilitating work/auto/sport injuries, as well as individuals interested in a healthy active lifestyle.


Is Exercise Physiology Right for You?


​Exercise Physiology can benefit everyone!

  • healthy individuals

  • those managing chronic illness

    • diabetes, MS, high blood pressure, etc.​

  • ongoing back pain

  • post-rehabilitation clients

  • athletes (lifting technique, sport specific prehab)


What Services Do We Provide?

  • Individualized strength & conditioning programs

    • Home Exercise Programs

    • Post-Rehab Programs

  • Functional Ability Evaluations

  • Fitness Testing

  • Athletic Taping

  • Skin Fold Measurement

  • Urban Poling Instruction


Do I need a referral or a prescription?


No, it is not necessary to have a prescription or a referral. 

We require a 30 minute visit with a physiotherapist for medical clearance to start exercise therapy. 

Interested in Exercise Physiology?