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Mentorship Program

Our paid mentorship program is designed to equip residents with the skills they need to complete simple and complex assessments, develop Plans of Care, and achieve client outcomes. Through our program, residents will learn to work in a team environment and gain exposure to different methods of treatment, setting them up for success in their careers.


Program Details

  • Shadowing your mentor during the start of your employment

  • Co-treating files with your mentor

  • Joint and condition reviews 

  • 1-on-1 meeting with your mentor to review cases, reports, assessments, and treatment techniques

    • 1 hour/weekly for the first six months

    • 30 minutes/weekly after six months

  • Clinic Accelerator Clinician Bootcamp- once the probation period (13 weeks) is passed

    • Taught by Darryl Yardley, one of the top physical therapy mentors in Canada

    • 9-month program

  • Clinical Rounds-Monthly to review conditions and cases

  • WCB Conference Meetings-weekly to discuss progress on files and planning



 "I am grateful to have my mentor, Leann Boehm, who is making a tremendous effort to conquer my path towards becoming a registered Physical Therapist … polishing my professional skills, overcoming challenging situations, and 1-on-1 feedback session weekly". 

- Dhara Parikh

Leann is the best mentor I could have ever wished for. She was always there to help, support and encourage. She provided 1:1 training and guidance throughout mentorship. She has not only helped me improve my clinical skills but also helped me to improve my professional skills. When I joined the clinic, I didn’t [have] any previous experience working as a Physical Therapist, Leann went through the joint review and assessment review with me to brush up on my skills. She always encouraged me to participate in continuing learning programs including but not limited to Functional movement screening, concussion, and pelvic health to improve my clinical practice. Leann is not only an excellent mentor but also an awesome physiotherapist. I learn [the] difference between “a Physiotherapist and an excellent Physiotherapist” from Leann.  

At the clinic, staff members are really helpful and supportive. 

- Meghaben Patel

Leann Boehm is a kind, helpful, and incredibly dedicated mentor. She goes above and beyond to help her Resident Physiotherapists. With her constant support and guidance, I was able to not only get through my PBA, but also improve my personal and professional skills. Leann also throws in some great clinical tidbits/information on recent evidence that is great for my clinical practice in the future but lets you know what to really focus on when planning [a] client’s treatment plan. She was also prompt in responding to my
questions/concerns with well-thought-out responses. The experience I gained working with Leann and at [the] Southeast Physiotherapy clinic has
helped me to be a better Physiotherapist.   Thanks to Leann and Southeast Physiotherapy for giving me an opportunity to work as
a Resident Physiotherapist and complete my Practice Based Assessment.

- Gouri Chouhan

  1. a Restricted Licensed with the SCPT,

  2. a minimum of 1,200 hours of practice under supervision while holding a Restricted License in Saskatchewan,

  3. not have attempted the CAPR PCE-Clinical and/or alternatives more than two (2) times (individuals will have a maximum three (3) attempts of the CAPR PCE-Clinical and/or alternatives), and

  4. not have any prior or outstanding complaint or discipline history.


  • There are the following five components:

    • Canadian Physiotherapy Assessment of Clinical Performance (ACP)- 20%

    • Interview of Restricted Licensee- 35%

    • Interview of Supervisor- 20%

    • Chart Audit- 10%

    • SCPT Continuing Competency Program- 15%

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