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How to De-Stress at Home

5 Simple Tips

1. Try a new recipe:

If you love being in the kitchen, trying out new things and making dishes for your family, now is the time! Try out that daunting Sourdough recipe, or maybe that new soup you've been really wanting to taste.

2. FaceTime, (or video call) with a friend:

If you're an extrovert, I can definitely understand that you're feeling pretty lonesome, (you can't really have FOMO if there is nothing going on ;) ). If you don't have an iPhone - there are free apps you can download like Skype or GoogleDuo.

3. Work out from home:

It's easy to become complacent - especially if you're off work. Make yourself a daily routine and make sure you squeeze in some time for exercise. You need to keep your body moving, it'll help physically and mentally during these changing times.

4. Meditate:

Using mindfulness and taking some time to yourself is really beneficial, mentally.

Not into meditation? Yoga is a GREAT alternative. Using a bolster aids in restorative Yoga, which can really help in calming your body and mind.

5. Have a nap:

This one is pretty self explanatory. If sleeping is something that doesn't come easily to you, try taking time doing something else relaxing that your normal schedule wouldn't allow.

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