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What Value Do You Place On Your Brain?

"It's too expensive"


"It's a waste of time"

are two very common excuses we hear when it comes to concussion baseline testing.

These two phrases are coming from a place of misinformation and misunderstanding on the process of concussion baseline testing.

Your child's brain is important.

The dentist checks their teeth, The optometrist checks their eyes, The doctor checks their overall health, Why wouldn't you check their brain function?

What most parents don't know is that even though a baseline costs money it is usually covered under extended health benefits through group insurance plans.

Baselines are like Insurance

When you purchase a new vehicle, you don't take it off the lot without purchasing insurance... That would be stupid! I mean, you may never use that insurance, but you have to have it because, well, things happen. This is not a perfect world.

In that same vein of thinking, a baseline concussion test is like insurance for your child's brain. You need to get it every year, you may not use it, (if your child remains concussion free) but if and when you do need it you'll be happy it was there!!

What is the different in post concussion treatment when we have Baseline to refer to?

A Baseline is a minimum or starting point used for comparisons.

A concussion baseline measures your child's balance, memory, motor control, & more at a healthy level. Having this information is so important when it comes to treating a concussion so we know what levels are considered normal for this particular individual. We need to get them back to those healthy, normal, levels.

What is stopping YOU from getting your kids baseline? What holds you back?

Leave a comment and let us know, we can help!

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Pierre Mercer
Pierre Mercer
Sep 24, 2022

Heello mate nice post

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