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Is disability preventing you from working?

Have you been off work for more than 3 months?

Do you feel that you need some help to build your strength up?

Are you concerned about being able to do your job tasks?

Southeast Physiotherapy can help you get back to work!

  • We communicate with your medical and insurance professionals.

  • We will contact your insurance company to schedule an Initial Assessment with a Physical Therapist and a Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE) with a Certified Exercise Physiologist. (We direct bill the disability insurance company for these appointments.)

  • The FAE objectively determines your current safe abilities and compares them to your pre-injury job demands. This will include checking how you lift, carry, push, pull, and how long you can stand, sit, and walk. We will also be putting you through work simulation tasks.

  • We will determine your rehabilitation needs to return to your pre-injury job.

  • W

e will provide in-clinic regional, functional, and global conditioning programs which are supervised by a Physical Therapist and a Certified Exercise Physiologist.

  • We will provide recommendations for the return to work which are planned by the insurance company and employer.

  • There will be weekly monitoring of the return to work plan with your Physical Therapist.

Your First appointment at Southeast Physiotherapy is always free

Call us 306.634.6630

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