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What is Physical Therapy? What is it NOT?

A literal definition of Physical Therapy below:

A physical therapist is a trained and licensed medical professional with experience in diagnosing physical abnormalities, restoring physical function and mobility, maintaining physical function, and promoting physical activity and proper function. - American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

What is Physical Therapy to Us at Southeast Physio?

1. Something that helps us in everyday life

Physical Therapy is versatile in the type of injuries and conditions it treats. From Acupuncture to Pelvic Health Physical Therapy; it comes in a few different forms of treatment. It can include an exercise regimen, scheduled in the clinic or a Home Exercise Program designed for you. Physio can help with walking after a stroke or in the recovery timeline for a concussion. We help people with issues often seen as embarrassing and with education and information, show them their not alone.

In 2017, your physical therapist is a doctor with extensive training in anatomy, physiology, physics, neurological disorders, disease processes, and any and all injuries to muscles, joints, bones, and tendons.  In a study performed by Childs and Whitman et al (2005), “experienced physical therapists had higher levels of knowledge in managing musculoskeletal conditions than medical students, physician residents, and all physician specialists except for orthopedic surgeons.” Seriously, we can help you.  - Dr. Anthony, Hermitage PA

2. Recovery without the use of injections, surgery and medication

Physical therapy is important to your surgical recovery. It is work, no doubt. We are here for long term recovery, not just to hide the pain with medications and injections. We may even be able to avoid surgery, all together, in certain cases.

3. Personalized

Your Action Plan is specified to you. It is created and designed for your individual recovery by your Physical Therapist. Length, frequency and gym time with our on staff Exercise Therapist are usually all determined during your Initial Assessment. Your Physio will provide you with a copy of this action plan and communicate with your regular family doctor to aid in your recovery as smoothly as possible. We want you to get back to work, sport and life efficiently and safely.

What is Physical Therapy NOT?

1. Painful

Physical Therapy is about educating you and your body on the way to properly function. It doesn't have to be painful. We are here to help, not to harm.

2. Scary

Doing something new can always feel a little nerve wracking. We try our very best to create a space where you feel comfortable and cared for! Our front line staff is always friendly and ready to help you with any questions you may have. If you are still unsure if Physical Therapy is right for you, we offer free 20 minute Discovery Visits, in order for you to talk to an actual Physio and discuss what we can do to help and if our services are right for you.

3. Only Used for Injury or Accidents

You don't have to have an insurance or government injury claim in order to become a patient. You don't even need a referral. If you have a shoulder or knee that has been nagging you, we can help you.

Thank you for reading!

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