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Researching Concussions

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

While concussions are routinely discussed in the media, there is a huge amount of research happening behind the scenes. Dozens of research articles are published every month. There are very promising diagnostic tests and innovations underway at this moment. This research includes:

Biomarkers- Current research is trying to identify biomarkers in bloodwork that positively

indicate a concussion has occurred.

Helmets- Researchers are trying to innovate the design of the helmet by improving how force is dispersed through the head and neck.

There is insufficient evidence proving the use of mouth-guards, neck guards,

and neuroshields to prevent the incidence of concussions. Research to date has only yielded one recommendation to prevent concussion. In this article the researchers concluded that neck stiffness prior to sustaining an impact prevented the incidence of

concussion. This was due to preventing the whiplash-effect of the impact.

Complete Concussion Management is in a unique position in regards to research.

With 500+ clinics and 1000+ certified clinicians across Canada, and recent expansion

to the United States and Australia, there are thousands of data points collected daily.

These include:

• Sport

• Age

• Direct contact to the head

• Head impact location

• Body contact location

• Amnesia

• Loss of consciousness

• Seizures

• Red flags

• Initial symptoms

• Current symptoms

• Total recovery days

Collecting and analyzing these data points on a large scale may result in establishing trends and improving treatment guidelines. Research is ongoing and Complete Concussion Management will be publishing research articles soon.

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