The Southeast Physiotherapy Process

Learn why we do what we do! Don't get left in the dark.

If you're coming into physical therapy for the first time, you may not know exactly how our process works.

Phase 1

Understand Your Problem If you're not sure if Physio is the right path for you, we ALWAYS recommend a Free 20 Minute Discovery Visit. This is a one on one sit down chat with a Physiotherapist where, together, you will figure out if this is the correct path for you.

If you're from out of town, we can always schedule a phone call, (we do recommend a visit in person, but understand that is not always feasible for some).

We want people who are the RIGHT fit for our services, so that they can get the most out of their treatments. Physiotherapy is an investment into your health, one that we take seriously.

Phase 2 Initial Assessment & Customized Plan This is where we actually start the assessment process. We get you to fill out paperwork with information on your medical history, a pain diagram and some outcome measures depending on your area of pain. This paperwork is generally done before your Initial Assessment in order to save some time & focus for your actual assessment. During the assessment your physiotherapist will work toward identifying the root cause of your pain or injury, create actionable solution & goals for you to work toward.

Phase 3 Pain Relief

During this phase you will generally have combined followups with a home exercise program. The goals in this phase are to essentially relieve the pain you have been experiencing by calming inflammation, release muscles, break up scar tissue & get those stiff & sore joints moving again.


Phase 4

This is where we go beyond what a traditional PT would do. Maintaining good posture, helping you learn the proper ways for you to move your body. Strengthening and activating underworked joints and muscles.

Phase 5


Often, people forget that in order to keep the improvements made over the first 3 phases you must maintain healthy activity & changes you've made.

There is also more to the healing process than getting moving & releasing muscles. There is the need to strengthen, activate under working muscles, fix posture, etc. These are all about maintaining good movement & form in order to prevent future pain and injury.

Phase 6

Tune Up

This is the phase where we send you into the wild with the knowledge and processes we've taught you. We are still here for you though! As you go through your daily life, we will be there to help you maintain your body and the improvements we've made in the previous 5 phases. We're trying to keep you in tip-top shape here, so if you feel the need, we'll book a tune up session bi-weekly, monthly, whatever you need.

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