Make the Most of Monday

Monday can be a really tough day, (depending on how much you value your weekends) here is how to get through it....and then some!!


I know.... You're an adult, you should be able to do whatever you want! However, giving yourself a bedtime is really important to routine and routine is really helpful with making your day run smoother and being more productive, to boot.

Prepare the Night Before

Monday morning you will thank Sunday evening you if you prep for your morning, (Get your coffee maker set, your breakfast items ready & your lunch packed). This saves you time & gives you confidence in knowing you're on top of your game. This also sets the precedent for your week!

Plan Your Outfits for the Week

Don't wake up scrambling to dress yourself, (or your kids) on your first day back to work. Get your work clothes cleaned and prepped. In fact, plan your outfits for the whole week & save yourself some time every morning of the week.

Have a Plan for Your Work Day

Staying busy is the best way to make the beginning of your week go by....productively. No one likes going home and feeling unaccomplished. Starting off with a plan for every hour, (plan for little breaks, too!) will make your day feel full, busy and more productive.

If you've noticed a theme in this blog, it's PLANNING & PREPARING.

Being organized is so important if you have a hectic & stressful schedule.

It will save you time & tears if you're prepared to face the day! Get planning your week TODAY.

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