6 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Here are a few tips for staying positive during the long winter months.... It's only the beginning.

1. Keep Active

Something as small as a daily walk can help boost your spirits and make you feel better during the cold months. Just be sure to dress appropriately.

2. Eat Healthy

Our diet has a large impact on our mood and how we function.

The biggest weapons against seasonal affective disorder can be found right in your kitchen.

Here are 11 everyday foods you can eat to help diminish the effects of the cold-weather blues.

3. Find a New Hobby or Pick up an Old One

Keeping yourself active & productive during the cold season will keep your mind off the dreariness outside . Do you like to crochet or knit? Used to play the piano? Throw yourself into an old hobby or gain a new skill to show off in the summer!

5. Keep Warm & Give Yourself Time

Staying warm throughout the winter can be a bit of a task; you have to factor in a lot of things and give yourself more time in the mornings and evenings to make sure you're prepared for the day ahead.

Getting up earlier, (and in turn, going to bed earlier) can really help you organize yourself, (and whoever else you're responsible for) and get going through the day without forgetting things that can make or break certain parts of your day.

6. Routine Exercise

It is a well known fact that frequent exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body. Not sure if you can keep up a daily routine by yourself?

Join one of the many classes at the Estevan Leisure Center, join a cross fit class with Living Skies Crossfit South, Join a yoga class or a recreational team. Anything to get you moving and active.

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