5 Great Exercises for Social Isolation

1. Walk in the community

Easy peasy! If you have dogs, you're hopefully already partaking in this activity daily.

Get out with the family, stave off the cabin fever, and grab some fresh air.

2. Restorative Yoga

Is all of this stressing you out?

Relax with your yoga bolster and practice some restorative yoga. Let your stress melt away while you practice mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

3. Strengthening with Resistance Bands

Looking for something a little more involved? Afraid of losing muscle due to lack of gym access? Bring the gym to your living room with some mini-loops or Theraband! Resistance bands are a great strength training tool. One band can be used to strengthen all major muscle groups.

4. Foam Rolling for Muscle Release

We love the foam roller. It's one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that we sell and loan out to our clients. Right now, if you order a foam roller from us, we will deliver it, along with the instructional handbook for no delivery charge. (Must be located in Estevan or Bienfait to receive. free shipping).

5. Tune Up Balls for Muscle Release

This little product is another one of our favourites. You can use this little piece of equipment in so many different ways and on different body parts that you're definitely going to get your moneys worth! This tool is great for tension headaches.

All products mentioned in this post can be found at www.southeastphysio.ca/shop

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