About Trex



About Trex

Trex was born and raised in the Philippines, she is the eldest of three siblings. She graduated with a degree in BA Mass Communications from the University of the Philippines in 2009. She proceeded to work for government agencies in local, regional and national levels before creating a career in the publishing industry.


Trex has started her Masters in Communications and had only two semesters left before the family’s “big move” to Estevan in May of 2019.


She is married and is a mother of two young boys age 9 and 5.


Role at Southeast Physio

Trex joined Southeast Physiotherapy as Client Experience Specialist on the 28th of August. She performs administrative duties.  You see her at the front – booking clients in, taking phone calls and getting all your paperwork ready.


She aims to make every visit an opportunity to build and strengthen client trust in our services.


Guilty Pleasure

What calms Trex down after a long day of work? Netflix and a hot bowl of spicy ramen!


Interesting Fact

Trex once wrote for a newspaper as a news and feature writer.