About Leann

Physical Therapist

Leann Boehm, PT

About Leann
Leann was born and raised in Weyburn, Sk.  She moved to Saskatoon for University.  Leann relocated to Estevan to work for two years back in 2005...and never left!

Education & Qualifications Cont. 

  • Certificate in Acupuncture 

  • Sport First Responder 

  • Complete Concussion Management 

Leann did her post graduate training in orthopedics, acupuncture, work hardening, functional testing, sport physiotherapy and concussion management.

What is Leann passionate about?
Leann is passionate about helping her clients return to doing what they love, whether its work, sport, or playing with their children/grandchildren.  Leann is also passionate about lifelong learning, whether it is related to physio or her other interests. 


Guilty Pleasures
Binge watching series' on Netflix | Movie Lover | Traveller | Foodie 


Interesting Fact about Leann

Leann's identical twin toddler boys keep her very busy!

Leann loves cooking and reading.




Leann is trained in the art of acupuncture 

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