About Erin

Physical Therapist

About Erin
Erin was born and raised in Estevan.  She is a very family oriented person who loves spending time with family & friends.  She is a busy mom with two active boys ages 10 & 7.  Erin is always busy running her boys to extra curricular sports & activities, (golf, hockey, basketball). 

What Does Erin Do?
Erin is a Physical Therapist.  
Erin specializes in Acupuncture & Connect Therapy.

What is Erin's Goal as a Physical Therapist?

Erin wants to help her patients better understand their bodies in so they can help themselves.  

Through Connect Therapy, Erin hopes to help her patients achieve optimal movement and performance with 0 medications as well as active management. 

What is Erin passionate about?
Erin is passionate about her family life.


Guilty Pleasures
Erin is an avid online shopper. 
She also has a soft spot for chips & dip and wine, in no particular order. 


Connect Therapy

ConnectTherapy™ is all about helping therapists and patients understand the construct of Connectedness. How different regions and systems of the body are connected. How the body and mind are connected. How therapists and patients are connected. How we as humans are physically, emotionally and socially connected.

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